Munk Laboratory nominated for Historic Designation

On July 30th, Scripps Institution of Oceanography petitioned the California State Office of Preservation that IGPP's Munk Laboratory be added to the National Register of Historical Places.

Munk Lab was designed by architect Lloyd Ruocco, to embrace the vision of IGPP's founding director (and the building's namesake), Walter Munk, for the lab to "be a place for study of geophysics in its broadest sense, taking the holistic view of the field." Completed in 1963, "The Munk Laboratory embodies multiple unique design features that stand out from other scientific buildings of the time and help inspire design in new buildings,” said Camilla Ingram, director of Capital Programs and Space Management at Scripps, who, in collaboration with IGPP's Wayne Farquarson has lead the designation effort. 

Rob Monroe's article provides more insight into the Munk Lab's history and Scripps Institution of Oceanography's efforts to see it receive historical designation.