Green Foundation

The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Foundation for Earth Sciences supports visiting scholars and resident scientists at the University of California's Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (UCSD-IGPP), located in La Jolla as part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The scholarship is supported by income from the Foundation's endowment, which was established with a gift from the late Cecil Green in 1971. The Green Foundation endowment is managed by the UCSD-IGPP Director and overseen by an independent Board of Directors. Being an independent entity, the Foundation has some flexibility in how funds are earmarked within the University of California guidelines. The Foundation also administers funds from an endowment donated by the late Professor John Miles; the income from this supports a postdoctoral fellowship. 

Nominees and applicants for the Green Scholar and the Miles Fellowship are screened and selected by a committee of IGPP faculty and researchers. This committee also considers requests from IGPP scientists for funds to support research via purchase of equipment or construction of facilities. Such awards usually provide seed money for new projects or funds for equipment that is difficult to obtain through traditional extramural funding sources. 

Senior Green Scholars (more than five years from PhD) may apply at any time, but need to show definite plans for active involvement with IGPP faculty or researchers. Postdoctoral Green Scholar and Miles Fellowship positions are advertised and have specific deadlines for application. Use the Scholarships link at right for more information about these positions. 

Currently Supporting

Senior Scholar Prof. Heiner Igel, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Senior Scholar Prof. Christopher Davies, University of Leeds

Green Scholar Tyler Pelle, postdoc

Green Scholar Zhe Jia, postdoc

Green Scholar Diandian Peng, postdoc

Miles Fellow William Davis, postdoc


UCSD membership in Southern California Earthquake Center